SKPR STRATEGIES BA, September 2021

I want to thank you for your services - communication with you and the driver was maximally welcoming and kind! :-)

PÚ SR Bratislava, 2021

We appreciate your professional approach to securing the request for transport, prompt negotiation of details and other cooperation - all took place to our satisfaction.

Mrs. NN, transfer to / from Schwechat Airport from Piešťany, April 2021

We are very glad that we used your transport services to the airport. It simplified our entire logistics and we were able to enjoy a glass of champagne on the way back! :-) We thank you. We will take your services again!

Mr. ZP, transfer to / from Schwechat airport, April 2021

Thanks! I will definitely use your services in the future!

Mrs. AD, departure / arrival from Schwechat, March 2021

In name of our whole groupe I would like to thank for your professional approach to our transfer to the airport in Schwechat as well as from the airport home. Special thanks for the opportunity to take each of us directly to his house. You are super!

Mr. MM, transfer to Schwechat Airport, February 2021

We are very grateful for the trouble-free transfer to Schwechat Airport. Everything was 100% ready and there was no problem at the border. We thank you!

UTV UK Club - transport to NR Oponice, September 2020

Complete satisfaction

Empire Kids s.r.o. - children's camps, summer 2020

We were very satisfied with the flexibility and willingness of all the staff we came in contact with :)

RELEVANS, BA law company, transport to the corporate event, June 2020

We thank you. The driver was very nice, helpful and reliable.

Kazakh Embassy in the Slovak Republic, transport of Kazakh citizens to Budapest during the Covid-19 pandemic, May 2020.

Many thanks for help and professional approach.

Albanian Embassy in the Slovak Republic, transport of Albanian citizens to Schwechat during the Covid-19 pandemic, April 2020.

Thank you for your professional and kind communication with our embassy.

Croatian Embassy in the Slovak Republic, transport of Croatian citizens to Croatia during the Covid-19 pandemic, March 2020.

We are very pleased that you have organized this without any problems and we especially thank you for being always available and responding flexibly to everything. We are very grateful for this approach.

Cresco Real Estate, skiing Nassfeld February 2020

We have worked with your company several times and it has always turned out great. We thank you.

Client of travel agency Satur Travel, trip France, july 2018

Professional services, new and exclusive Mercedes buses, dress code drivers.

Company N., Bratislava

I would like to express my thanks to Satur Transport for excellent service. You have really responsible and professional drivers.

Mgr. Nora Gill, Ph.D. director of CzechTourism Slovakia, 6.11.2017

Thank you, as usual, for the amazing transfer during our press trip to south Czech. We have very positive experience with our driver Mr. Galla. He is not only the professional driver but his overall approach to client is on the high level.

Client of travel agency SATUR TRAVEL, tour THE BEST OF FRANCE, 16.9.2017

Our bus driver (Mr. Janicek) was very nice and experienced. He was willing to stop even more often on the gas stations. By sightseeing points, he was willing to stop the closest as possible to the entrance. He drove carefully, predicted the traffic situation and possible threats on the road. Driver TOP.

Lawyer's office Bratislava, Schönberg, 12.1.2018

Thank you for your services. As previous years, we were satisfied again.

Mgr. Vlasta Pagacova, NGO – Gift of life/Dar zivota – 20.3.2016

Your company has provided transfer services for us last Sunday. Thank you very much – everything was great and your services exceeded our expectations. Thank you very much to you and to Mr. Laska. Thank you very much for your kindness and being very helpful, we appreciate that. It was a pleasure working with you and if we need any transfer services in the future, we will most certainly come back to you again.

L. Kovacova, Uttendorf, Austria, 7.1.-10.1.2016

Our thanks goes to our guide Mr.Liptak, who has always resolved any issues. I was delighted by our driver too, who’s name I don’t recall. Helpful, patient, easy going, always willing to help during the pick up and drop off.... One may say it is their job, but every job can be done well or not so well. This time, it was an excellent job, well done, right from the first visit of your retail office in Polus up until the happy return home from our trip.

Jozef Kojecky, Italy 22.9.-27.9.2015

Our tour drivers were Mr Jozef and Mr Peter. Please, pass on to them our thanks and gratitude for a great job they have done. They are excellent professionals and extremely helpful. The coach was always perfectly clean and tidy. Many thanks again to the handsome guys who created such a wonderful atmosphere. The compliments to the drivers are from our whole group!


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